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Traveling After Quarantine

Bergen, Norway I can't wait to travel after quarantine! So many places we want to go. We may not have time or money for everything, but we are going to figure out some inexpensive and short weekend trips locally, then branch out. Our elderly Aunt has been watching the relaxation videos on Youtube that show scenic mountains, water, villages, and beaches from all over the world. I can't help but watch them too! Stay tuned for some new traveling blog post when we get sprung from this current nightmare. Happy trails will be here again. Keep the faith! 

Traveling with my Camera

The Beauty of Everything Norwegian NORWAY Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. You need time and money so it doesn't happen as often as I would like it to.   When I do travel I always bring along my camera to capture the moments!  It seems every time I go some place I see the terrain and elements of light in a whole new perspective. The shots are not all lined up and in order. They have gained character and substance as I have grown older and wiser. Nothing has to be perfect it only has to be.